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Where We Started
From humble beginnings in 2002, Metal Solutions has grown to become one of the largest structural steel fabricators in Colorado.  Our current plant is 15,000 sq. ft. with a 30-acre yard in Northern Colorado.  Metal Solutions is able to serve clients in any state however Northern Colorado is our home.  Leadership members and key personnel live work, and play in the Northern Colorado area.  We have completed extensive work along the front range in Colorado and we take great pride in seeing our work in our day-to-day lives. 

People Commitment


People are the key to Metal Solution's success.  Originally a family owned and operated company, Metal Solutions has evolved into a brand whose growth is driven by a select team of industry leaders.  Our talented planners and builders bring life to each of Metal Solutions' projects.  From the site, to the shop, to the boardroom, Metal Solutions actively seeks out and hires the most qualified people and partners in both expertise and character to meet specific needs of our clients.

Influenced by strong family roots, Metal Solutions has maintained this culture rich in family principles including: honest communication, teamwork, and support to build lasting relationships within the company and with our customers.

Metal Solutions Completed Project in Northern Colorado


Metal Solutions | Company Values

Core Focus


At Metal Solutions our core focus is to provide customer service on true design build projects with an integrated approach using technology and relationships to achieve a turnkey deliverable product.  We specialize in complex work involving innovative approaches from small projects to the most complex and large, we deliver! 

Metal Solutions | Company Core Focus
Metal Solutions Hi-Tech Design and Production
Metal Solutions Hi-Tech Design and Production
Metal Solutions Hi-Tech Design and Production

Looking Forward

Our expectation and drive for excellence fuels every step in our fabrication system ensuring complex project needs are met with thoughtful precision.  In order to make this happen, our teams receive ongoing training allowing for top-level craftsmanship in the shop and safe, efficient steel erection on site.

Metal Solutions Structural Steel
Metal Solutions Structural Steel

The success of Metal Solutions has been the result of our team's uniquely designed systems and procedures that accomodate the complex builds of the projects under a tight schedule.   We have demonstrated time and again our ability to execute projects with the highest levels of quality and performance, while bringing significant value add to our customers through enhancing designs, mitigating risk and saving time-- all which translate into savings. 


Metal Solutions is headquartered in Northern Colorado and has delivered projects across the US and Canada.

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