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Safe and sound week

With safety always at the front of our minds, Metal Solutions showed how we are #SafeAndSoundAtWork. As part of safe and sound week 2021 our operations team developed a "Take 3 in 30" challenge for management leadership plan. Management leadership is a core element of a workplace safety and health program. This challenge helps show leaderships' commitment to safety in the workplace.

The "Take 3 in 30" challenge requires management to take 3 actions in 30 days to improve safety, engage employees, and fix hazards in the workplace.

Action 1: Each supervisor will have a conversation about safety with all of their subordinates.

Action 2: Each supervisor will participate in a one-on-one walk-around with the safety manager once weekly for one month.

Action 3: Each supervisor will work with their team to identify and correct or abate one hazard per week for one month.

Each member of the operations management team created a signed pledge explaining their commitment to safety and health in the workplace, these pledges were posted for everyone to see. As managers, their involvement is critical to having a successful safety and health program and provides necessary leadership, vision, and resources.

We are proud to have participated in Safe and Sound Week 2021 and are proud to renew our commitment to safety company wide.

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